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LOVE PETS. HATE FUR! Fur on clothing is a common bugbear, but one we don’t have to live with!

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

There are many perks to working from home, and extra time with our beloved pets is most certainly one of them.

With today being National Love Your Pet Day, cherishing these moments with our furry family members, and appreciating the companionship and comfort they provide, has sent social media into a fur baby frenzy!

At the same time, however, we’re mostly still exercising our pet-parent given right, to bemoan the burden of pet hair, in all it’s never-ending glory!

Fur on clothes is a common bugbear, but luckily one we don’t have to live with, thanks to the FurGrip™ 2.0 Laundry Pet Hair Remover.

Simply place the Furgrip 2.0 pet hair remover in your Washer or Dryer, and enjoy lint and pet hair free clothes thanks to the ground-breaking technology, which effortlessly removes pet hair in a single wash from most fabrics!

Using the movements of the washing machine or the dryer, the soft, flexible FurGrip sticks to the unwanted hair and pulls it away from your clothes.

As an added bonus, it is anti-allergic, reusable and self-cleaning, as well as being suitable for use on dry clothes when touch ups are required.

The result? No more having to clothes brush your jacket before the next work meeting.

Simply wash, brush or tumble dry your garments as required, and help transform those everyday pet hates, into more of the moments you love!

Furgrip is priced at £16.15 and is available from

Sponsored by FurGrip

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