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Merry Twixmas! T’is the season to be... contradictory!!

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Tomorrow marks the beginning of that wonderful ‘limbo’ period between Christmas and New Year, where festive vibes and health drives collide...often with some fairly contradictory lifestyle results!

On the one hand, we’re quick to jump on the post-Christmas excuse for a bit of ‘clean living’, but on the other hand...sparkling wine!

This unique opportunity to mix the business of wellness, with the pleasures of life, is nothing if not a poignant nod to the virtues of that often elusive ‘happy medium!’

An extreme example, perhaps, but the sentiment of balance, moderation and variety is a fitting one to take on board, as we all look towards a more pandemic-appropriate approach to self-care.

One that takes into account the need for flexibility and self-kindness, and shuns the ‘all or nothing’ habits of a lifetime, that January might otherwise welcome a return to.

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