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Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Under normal circumstances, Monday would be a cue to wind some inspirational musing or other up the social media flagpoles.

Although intended to propel us into the new week with renewed vigour and enthusiasm, all those platitudes of ‘you got this’, superimposed onto some timeworn landscape image or other, have somewhat lost their shine, not to mention their impact.

With this in mind, we’re kick-starting this new week, instead, with some de-motivational words of wisdom.

You could call it reverse psychology. Maybe even humour. But what it represents, most importantly, is a refreshing validation of reality - something that we all need now and then, and often more than we need a proverbial pat on the back from Pinterest!

Let’s face it, if we never have to wash our cornflakes down with a saccharine side of ‘’ again, it will be too soon.

Of course, there are times when motivational quotes ARE helpful, but being life-coached on every click, scroll and tap, can ironically make us feel LESS motivated, rather than more.

With this in mind, we’re giving two fingers to the pseudo-philosophical clichés, and pushing forward with the permission to have just an average, potentially non-eventful day, where the expectation of greatness, doesn’t detract from the sheer success of surviving a 2 hour Zoom meeting, enjoying a TV dinner, and falling into bed at 9pm!

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