MOVE OVER BANANA BREAD! Today’s home-baking is all about POLENTA!

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

In the last year, baking has become one of the most called-upon stress-busters, helping keep us calm, mindful... and fed, in these beyond challenging times!

With the novelty of banana bread having now officially worn off, however, we’re all aspiring to some different tastes and textures in our cake creations!

One of the grains that has captured some attention, from this regard, is polenta.

Polenta cake boasts a delicious bite that lends a new dynamic to the cake-eating experience. Not only this, when teamed with such health-giving ingredients as honey, nuts and fruit, it helps create a ‘cake’ that does more than what it says on the tin.

In an effort to upskill ourselves beyond last year’s baking trends, we’ve teamed polenta with Buzzy Blends summer honey, orange and almond, creating a zesty cake that’s perfect as a healthful lockdown treat.

Buzzy Blends honey is defined by originality and breaking with tradition, specialising in honey with a tasty twist. Buzzy Blends’ apiary is enrolled in an 'xceptional quality' program, which adheres it to the highest bee keeping standard… something that is vitally important given that at least 30% of the world's crops and 90% of all plants require cross-pollination to spread and thrive.

The resultant honey is antioxidant rich, full of vitamins (including ascorbic acid, pantothenic acid, niacin and riboflavin), and bursting with minerals (such as calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium and zinc).

Besides being the perfect baking ingredient, Buzzy Blends honey can also be spread on toast, used to sweeten porridge, or enjoyed with lemon as a soothing alternative to tea and coffee.

Natural, nourishing and endlessly versatile... pure raw honey might just be the kitchen cupboard must-have for lockdown 3, and the buzzword to beat for helping make this lockdown life... just that little bit sweeter!



200 g polenta

150g ground almonds

Zest and juice of 2 oranges

4 eggs

250 ml Buzzy Blends honey

200 ml olive oil

Combine the polenta and ground almonds in a bowl with the zest of one of the oranges.

In a separate bowl, blend together 200g of the honey, the eggs, olive oil and juice of one of the oranges

Add the dry ingredients and mix well

Transfer to a lined loaf tin and bake at 180 degrees for 25 minutes

Grate the zest of the remaining orange and set aside

In a small bowl, mix 50ml honey with the juice of the remaining orange

After removing the cake from the oven, pour the honey/orange mixture over the top and allow cake to cool before removing from the tin

Use the orange zest to serve

Sponsored by Buzzy Blends

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