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'Much of the advantage of a 'picky tea' lies in the relaxed, social element'

Some days, cooking dinner just seems like a drag!

This is especially likely to be the case if you’ve had the kind of day that can only be described as, well… ‘meh’!

Arguably, nothing warrants a low fuss, picky dinner better than one of these lacklustre days, where the chances of making a decision on what to cook, let alone seeing it thought, are slim to none.

Yes, when the decision fatigue is almost as real as the hunger, there’s much to be said for throwing in the *tea* towel and sitting down to a spread of cheese, breads and red wine instead.

Today, we’ve got the added excuse of it being National Red Wine Day, to sway the deciding vote on a dinner in favour of the ultimate lazy tea!

Some say the pairing of cheese and red wine is a cliché, and that actually cheese is better suited to white wine, but putting research and personal preference aside, this is an evening 'meal' concept which can be adapted to many and varied tastes and dietary requirements.

Nutrition aside, much of the advantage of the 'picky tea' lies in the relaxed, social element which abounds when both habit and formalities are replaced by the lounge floor and a picnic blanket.

Of course, it helps to be mindful of quality, and beyond the fruit/vegetable element to your spread (think tomatoes, grapes, celery, olives)… a quality bread also won’t go amis.

Take Gradz Sourdough, for example, which is a unique, hand-crafted loaf, fermented to produce a bread which is more digestible than standard commercial bread.

The bread is just firm enough for dipping and spreading, but soft enough to break or tear in the way that social bread etiquette demands.

As such, Gradz is the perfect complement to a relaxed, bits and bobs dinner. Wonderfully versatile, and deliciously moorish, which we'd say calls for a toast... to Red Wine Day, AND the morning after (*pass the jam please)!

Sponsored by Gradz

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