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Updated: Jan 4, 2023

With only one day to go until the big day, there’s no better way to spice things up than with a simmering pot of everyone’s favourite festive warmer-upper - Mulled Wine!

There is something about mulled wine that I LOVE, and it’s not just that it’s an excuse to dig out those oh-so-cute Gluhwein boot mugs, fresh from my Christmas market frequenting days!!

Arguably, it’s also down to that alchemical mix of heat and sweet, meets tannins and tang, which just seems to hit the heart-warming spot. Every. Single. Time!

Not only this, just one low and slow pot (left to mellow for a day preferably) has an uncanny knack of filling your home with more seasonal scent than all those well placed ‘winter spice’ candles put together!

This year, I concocted my speciality Christmas Eve Eve elixir with Coastal Reserve’s Vegan red wine, and the result…is nothing short of Christmas in a cup!

Leading the way in sustainable wine production, Coastal Reserve Wines are partnered with not-for-profit organisation Plastic Oceans Europe, and use only recyclable labels, to help minimise shipping miles and emissions.

At a time when eco-credentials are increasingly coming into our wine-buying decisions, these small steps for sustainability are what give Coastal Reserve the edge, from conscience… to consumption!

As with all things alcohol, moderation is of course key, but if there’s one thing I find (and it may not apply to all) it’s that the one-glass-rule is a natural side effect of a beverage with a reputation for sending you to sleep within the first few sips!

Sponsored by Coastal Reserve

* Contains alcohol. Always drink responsibly.

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