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NO WORDS: Coffee table books have often been overlooked as a literary genre… until now!

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

The World Book Day message of reading more for pleasure (and health) is one that few can argue with, but where does it leave those of us who consistently struggle to hit that recommended daily page quota?

In this case, coffee table books might just be the perfect compromise!

Yes, these picture-heavy titles are often somewhat overlooked as a literary genre, but in these modern day, brain-taxing times, they’re acquiring a new-found, almost universal appeal!

The attraction, in part, stems from the immersive aspect of those large, eye-catching visuals, which help to inspire creativity, as well as thoughts and feelings that words can’t - and all without requiring any particular brain power or concentration.

The key, apparently, is to look for a book that has ‘layers’, and challenges you to understand the deeper meaning behind the way the pictures are organized and curated.

These make for fast yet fulfilling ‘reading’, and help to translate the World Book Day message into something that even the most reluctant (and thwarted) of readers can get on board with!

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