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‘OUTDOORPHINS’ - If ever you needed an excuse to take part in 30 Days Wild... this is it!

At a time when the virtues of spending time outdoors needs no explanation, The Wildlife Trust’s annual campaign - ‘30 Days Wild’ - has the benefit of an already captive audience!

Having spent the best part of over a year, already taking full advantage of our green spaces, embracing more Random Acts of Wildness, should - in theory - be a walk in the park!

Nature walks, forest bathing, bird spotting, den building...they all count towards our ‘wildness’ quota, and with the warmer weather now in full swing, getting on board takes little persuasion.

As for the incentives...well, you need look no further than those so-called ‘outdoorphins’, for a reason to get started.

These feel-good chemicals, that come from wallowing in the wonders of nature, are the ties that bind the ramblers.. and runners. The wild swimmers...and the bird watchers.

With the warmer weather and easing restrictions now providing a welcome bridge to everyday ‘wildness’...there’s arguably never been a better time to jump on board, any which way you can!!

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