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Too hot. Too cold! What’s the solution to sleeping more soundly this summer?

Updated: Jul 2

Ordinarily speaking, the thick winter duvet would be have been long since retired by now.

As it happened, however, the warmer evenings weren’t particularly forthcoming this year.

Finally, however, I can safely safe that my bed is in ‘summer mode.’

By that, I mean the cosy duvet, has been swapped for a lighter more breathable version - something that I’ve found essential for avoiding that vicious cycle of covers-on-covers-off indecision, which always seems to strike mid-June!

The secret to what makes this duvet such a summer sleep saviour, is primarily owed to its wool constitution, which makes it both breathable… and light. Perfect for temperature regulation, comfort and ultimately, uninterrupted sleep.

Devon Duvets use only British wool that is traceable from farm to duvet, and the hypoallergenic properties and natural resistance to dust mites, makes this brand an excellent choice for allergy sufferers.

Personally speaking, this decision to ‘lighten up’ on the bedding front for the next few months (at least) was part pre-emptive, and part…positive thinking!

It’s similar to the anticipatory habit of packing away the coats after winter. It feels satisfying, even if it does turn out to be somewhat premature.

In this case, let’s hope my ‘woolly’ idea of taking a punt on the inclement British weather, is one that pays off!

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