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Over-dressed…it’s under-rated!

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Overdressing is hard to resist…especially when there’s so much of your wardrobe that probably hasn’t had a look in in the longest time.

The glad rags.

The going out bags!

They’re all making a mass exodus from the vacuum-packed woodwork, as all fashion caution is finally thrown frivolously to the wind.

In this triumph of ‘felt cute, might delete later!’, everyday glam has certainly gained acceptance, but the ‘anything goes’ advice is not without a caveat or two…

Partly, of course, because not every situation warrants a slip dress…no matter how we try to wrap it up as more than a shorts and tee day.

What’s important, therefore, is to distinguish between when the reigning in of our inner Devil Wears Prada extra comes down to protocol… or procrastination.

When it’s overthinking alone that backtracks the backless number…these are the times to STOP, and curtail the beast of ‘what if!?’ from stealing a second more of the slinky one’s thunder!

Over-dressed might not be the dress code of choice for many of today’s ‘casual’ affairs, but it’s etched into the cardinal rules of seizing the day, and that alone… feels more than a little cute, and certainly NOT worthy of deleting later!

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