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‘Over-thinking is a deeply ingrained - not to mention exhausting - habit’

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

If there’s one thing having too much time alone with our own thoughts has taught us, it’s that there’s definite value in learning the art of switching off.

The only problem is, ‘no thinking‘ is a tough skill to master, and not least because ruminating in itself, is addictive.

Left to its own devices, the mind is a master of the running commentary (otherwise known as ‘discursive thinking’) and this can become a deeply ingrained - not to mention exhausting - habit.

Among the solutions, is the approach of letting our other senses take over, even if only momentarily.

Reading a book (The Practice of Not Thinking, perhaps?), to a soundtrack of birdsong and nature, whilst savouring the calming scents of Lavender, Juniper and Geranium, represents an everyday way of allowing sight, sound and smell to drown out the noise of our own thoughts!

Aromatherapy, especially in this context of proactive ‘switching off’, is widely acclaimed for helping raise our self-care game...something that affords it a useful place in everyday post-lockdown life. Thanks to Penny Price’s Unwind Rollerball, it’s thankfully never been easier to take advantage of these benefits.

Penny Price’s easy-to-apply rollerball contains a relaxing blend of 100% natural pure essential oils, which when applied to the pulse points, provides a different sensory input for our attention to rest on, whenever we need a moment to decompress, and take stock.

This idea of breaking the rumination cycle, though wonderfully simplistic, represents a time-honoured and realistic strategy for cultivating both mental and physical wellbeing - something we need now, more than ever.

For this reason, when it comes to mastering The Practice of Thinking Less, there's arguably no better time... to get the ball rolling!

Sponsored by Penny Price

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