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PERFUME - the love affair runs deep!

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

On the face of it, you could be forgiven for thinking a ‘signature scent’ is about little more than smelling nice, or the dressing table appeal of an oh-so pretty bottle, at a push!

It turns out, there’s actually more to the ritual wrist spritz than meets the nose!!

When it comes to our favourite fragrances, there’s invariably an emotional connection that goes beyond even the irresistible appeal of some sun-drenched branding!

Part of this, according to research revealed in @fashionispsychology, comes back to perfume’s ability to awaken positive memories (thanks to the ‘Proustian Memory Effect’), and help us mentally travel to a different time...or place!

From the summer of 99 (The Body Shop White Musk)…to the other-worldly wonder of a far-flung beach (Bobbi Brown ‘Beach’.)

To this end, perfume could be considered a useful self-soothing tool, with potential to benefit mental wellbeing over and above its role in confidence and identity.

It might seem like a big claim, for a little glass bottle, but when the currency of escapism is at a premium, there’s potentially nothing to lose in chancing your arm (or neck) on some vicarious ‘beach’ vibes! 🏖

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