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Plane and simple solutions to travel anxiety

Updated: Jun 18

I don’t like airports.

Or planes.

But in a bid to overcome this aversion, I’ve this year decided to intentionally and purposefully find things I LIKE about the process and experience of travelling.

The aim? To try and skew the trajectory of my thoughts in a more positive direction, lest they don’t go tabogging off down that old familiar dirt-track of doom!

Among the ‘pros’ and ‘silver linings’ that I’ll therefore be spoon-feeding my psyche (whether it likes it or not,) is the unique opportunity that departures lounge offers, to do things I wouldn’t normally do.

Like ‘mooching’ round shops, grabbing a coffee, perusing the book store…people watching!

It’s only now my children are a bit older, that doing these things has once again entered the realms of possibility.

Gone are the days when the airport experience was defined by baby /toddler logistics, and with a degree of autonomy to exercise in this ‘precious’ pre-boarding hour…the terminal is officially my oyster!

Granted… the fear and loathing is still there.

It’s just drowning - for now - in affirmations, visualisations and flat whites! ☕️

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