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Potato salad… but not as you know it!

BBQ season is officially on…but I’ll be honest, I’m not nearly as excited about the charred bangers dipped in ketchup, as I am about the obligatory ‘extras,’ without which no bar-b is ever truly complete.

When I say extras, what I of course mean, is …the potato salad.

Before you judge me for not bee-lining the burgers first, as most ordinary people would, you should know that what I’m talking about here, isn’t your average or ordinary potato salad.

Made with Sarsons sweet pickles, the recipe re-frames everything you thought you knew about this garden party food staple, by marrying all the mayonnaisey-ness you expect… with all the pickle ‘kick’ and crunch that you don’t!

Silverskin sweet pickles, with their mild and zingy flavour, are just what every pickle sceptic needs, to have their mind changed on this love-it-or-loathe it conundrum!

It's worth mentioning here, as well, that they work just as well for snazzy potato salads, as they do for cheese boards and myriad of salads alike.

For this recipe, you’ll need about half a jar of them, coupled with some boiled, peeled and diced potatoes, hard boiled eggs, parsley and mayonnaise.

For best results, serve generously with all the usual grilled goodies, and in the unlikely event of any leftovers, why not pep up with some extra protein (chicken or chick peas work particularly well) for the ultimate ready-made lunch.

Sarsons Sweet Pickles are available in Tesco stores nationwide.

Sponsored by Sarsons

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