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‘Pudding is not necessarily the forbidden fruit that we’re inclined to think it is’

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

The incentive of pudding has long been used as a fillip to healthy eating. For children... AND adults!

‘Eat your greens, and you can have dessert’

It’s one of the oldest bargaining tools going, and one that we’ve probably all heard / used at least once!

As hard-wired as this rationale might be, however, pudding is not necessarily the reward – nor the forbidden fruit – that we’re often inclined to think it is.

A ‘little’ pudding can, in fact, slot nicely within the framework of a healthy diet, without the need for guilt or regret.

This everything-in-moderation approach goes a long way towards promoting the kind of flexibility that ‘balance’- not to mention positive food relationships - are dependent on.

It also avoids many of the problems that a ‘dessert desert’ (ie. deliberately avoiding having sweets in the house) can create.

This National Dessert Day, therefore, we’re giving a little nod to the virtues of a no-food’s-forbidden fridge, and giving any ‘diet’ which might suggest otherwise... its just desserts! #theirony

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