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‘Recognise what speaks to your unique tastes and preferences, and run with that!’

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

‘It’s a bit of me!’ has become the modern-day catchall for articulating our likes, loves and everything in between....and this week, it’s become our motto!

With Love Island to thank for introducing this expression into the mainstream, some might be quick to shun the lingo ‘du moment!’

Trendiness aside, though, there is something to be said for recognising what speaks to our unique tastes and preferences (our innate 'me-ness', so to speak)... and running with that!

It might be time alone in nature, or the opportunity to become immersed in some much-missed hustle and bustle!

Either way, how the 'thing' in question aligns with what we THINK we should be doing or enjoying, sometimes isn’t as important as how well it succeeds in getting our hearts to hold a note... even if only momentarily!

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