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‘Regular household cleaning can up our exposure to the myriad of chemicals found in these products’

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

These days more than ever, many of us are experiencing a new-found drive for cleanliness, and not just as a way of managing the risk of this global pandemic.

Cleaning is also proving a helpful way to help reduce stress and anxiety, by keeping our minds from focusing too much on more pressing matters.

As an unfortunate side effect of all this cleaning, however, our exposure to the myriad of chemicals often found in modern day cleaning products is likely to be on the rise.

For this reason, there are definite advantages to switching to a chemical-free product such as Opal Eco, to help meet our cleaning AND health needs.

Opal Eco is proven to Kill 99.9% of all bacteria, Viruses, Yeasts, Mycobacteria, Fungi and Spores, and this biodegradable range of eco-friendly cleaning products is also free from chemical nasties.

Put to work, Opal Eco all-purpose antibacterial spray pairs perfectly with a ‘detailed’ approach to cleaning, such is the ‘healthy home’ advice which prevails at this time. In addition to floors and sides, this method prioritises cleaning the less obvious surfaces such as doorknobs, remote controls, taps, cabinet handles and light switches, as well as keys, bank cards, rings and phones.

Engineered for high performance, the Opal Eco range boasts a kind cleaning fusion that doesn’t compromise on quality or performance, so putting the heart... back where the home is!

Sponsored by Opal Eco

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