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REOPENING DAY: ‘Mixed emotions are prevailing’

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Mondays have been much of a muchness just lately, but April 12th brought a definitive change to that 'same same' script that's defined the year so far!

Today’s the day they’re calling ‘reopening’ day, and the relief of shops, pubs and gyms emerging from closure is almost tangible.

In the last week, we’ve been busy working through that mandatory period of reflection that precedes any big change such as this.

The epiphanies have been many, as summed up in several of the previous week’s ramblings, but the main take-home is this...

Mixed emotions are prevailing, with eager anticipation and nervous dread creating some conflicting (and unexpected) responses to the unlocking of this latest door back into the world.

We can be excused, therefore, for not necessarily boasting the emotional wherewithal to jump straight back onto the treadmill (literally and figuratively), as we assumed we might post-lockdown.

After all, today’s milestone is not just about the reopening doors, but also the unlocking of minds to all those opportunities we’ve long adapted to live without.

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