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Updated: Aug 14, 2021

For the start of I AM GB’S Festival of Sport, beginning today, at a starting line near you!

Inspired by the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Festival of Sport represents a unique opportunity to get moving with the masses…and at a pace and place that works for you!

Despite boasting a range of hosted activities all across the country, a hallmark of this campaign is the freedom it lends to ‘create your own challenge’ within the team remit!

This core message, of doing what you can, when you can, is possibly one of the most useful take-homes of Festival of Sport (apart from a heart-pumping workouts it incentivises, of course!)

With a deeper meaning that transgresses fitness, it gives an all-important nod to those many other small, individual efforts towards positive change, that help put us on the same team!

From embracing plastic-free personal care…to rejecting the glamorised #fitnessgoals that intimidate many from taking action!

In the case of the former, Ben and Anna’s natural planet-friendly deodorants are leading the way bathroom-led betterment… both personally, and environmentally!

As a brand, Ben & Anna products are free from questionable ingredients such as aluminium salts, and have replaced commonly used plastic materials with FSC certified and easily recyclable, colourful paper tubes.

Of course, the question on everyone’s lips, is how well do ‘natural’ deodorants really fare in the fitness freshness stakes? Thankfully, Ben and Anna's deodorants boast a fresh fragrance, as well as unrivalled odour and wetness protection from natural baking soda, and its germ fighting and deodorising properties.

Reassuringly, this means there’s no compromising on confidence, when it comes to striving for those personal bests… in fitness, AND sustainability! Sponsored by Ben and Anna

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