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ROLL WITH IT: ‘There is something to be said for seeking moments of calm amid the chaos’

With all the present-buying and bubble-organising pressures of late - coupled with the stresses of everything else that’s going on in the world - ‘stressmas’ is well and truly living up to its name this year!

So much is this the case, that putting in place some strategic ‘de-stressmas‘ strategies is not just helpful, but essential.

Whichever angle you look at it, there is something to be said for seeking such moments of calm amid the chaos, but as always, the burning question comes back to...HOW?!

Away from the vortex online shopping, emails and endless to dos, Penny Price’s UNWIND Roll on Calm can help deliver those all-important ‘and breathe’ moments, that have become so priceless in this age of stress and overwhelm.

A soothing inhalation of Lavender, Juniper and Rosewood Essential Oils, it can be applied to the pulse points and then inhaled to help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, and calm the mind.

Thanks to the handy pocket size and easy roll-on application, the product means you can UNWIND whenever and wherever the need to ‘roll with it‘ demands... starting right now!

Sponsored by Penny Price

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