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Romance is…a chippy tea!

T’is the day for date nights… apparently.

However, when the only thing more pressing than the expectation of romance, is the reality of ‘business as usual’, couple time takes on a whole new form… and meaning.

That form, for the most part, is as un-frilly and un-clichéd as it gets.

It’s a 'chippy tea' and Netflix, for example, and the mutual appreciation that 'simple' is so often superior, especially when it comes to matters of the heart!

As for the 'secret sauce' to making (or taking out!) the ultimate, romantic-ish fish and chip dinner?

Well, it arguably all hinges on that pivotal pièce de résistance... the seasoning!

Salt. Check!

Vinegar. Check!

Except, on this day for pushing the culinary boat out, why settle for standard vinegar, when there's the NEW Sarsons 'Dip and Drizzle' variety?

This delicious, squeezy malt vinegar takes the 'chippy tea' to new levels of yumminess, bringing all the savoury tang you know and love, but without any of the sogginess!

It goes without saying, the glamour and fanfare of Valentine’s Day were nice... once upon a time. However, there’s something about this new era in courtship and love-celebrating, that I much prefer to sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with swooning strangers in candle lit restaurants.

Maybe it’s because it comes with no expectation, which therefore narrows the margin for disappointed?

Or…maybe it’s the chips?

Or, maybe it’s purely because the simplicity resonates with my now-evolved understanding of the sentiment behind February 14th.

That is, that by far THE most important ‘takeaway’ from the official Day of Love isn’t the showiness, the food, or even the wine… but rather the precious pocket of together time that all these inconsequential elements, just so happen to be wrapped up in.

Sponsored by Sarsons

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