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Updated: Jul 16, 2021

We’re just going to put this out there….the joy of ‘green running’ might (maybe) be starting to wear a bit thin!

The reasons for this gradual change of heart, have less to do with the park per se …and everything to do with the post-lockdown ‘evolution of self.’

As the old saying goes, it’s not you… it’s me!

It’s a consequence of both mandated isolation, and urban exile, that the appeal of silence, solitude and birdsong is now, to some extent, beginning to wash over us.

Off the back of this somewhat controversial realisation, the prospect of classes, the gym or maybe even a running club, suddenly seems curiously appealing!

The greatest irony of this full-scale fitness 360, is that it contradicts much of what we might have hinged our entire workout personality on.

All that noise, busyness and the ‘socialness’ that once ground our gears, is now - quite paradoxically- seeming to step them up a notch!

This observation isn’t to take away from nature’s distinct health advantages, nor the portal that the park provides to a calmer, more collected headspace.

What it is, instead, is an acknowledgment of the misplaced logic of ‘nature therapy’, when we’re caught in a world that’s made the respite… the reality!

To this end, we’ll happily trade off the park for the hubbub of peak-time spinning, and maybe even the squeeze of an oversubscribed yoga class.

In time, the buzz of the ‘gym life’ might inevitably lose it’s appeal, but until then, we’ll just take the green running… and park it there!

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