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Scents of Spring…

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

You know those people who swear by the virtues of a ‘signature scent’?

A scent that encapsulates the essence of their very 'me-ness', to the exclusion of all others?

Well, I’m not one of those people.

Instead, I prefer to keep my relationship with perfume a relatively open, non-commital one, shall we say!

It's a relationship which revolves around a daily game of 'Eau de Parfum Roulette' - a cornerstone of my morning routine - and I never quite know if it will be an easy-breezy, baby-powder-smelling kinda day, or... a day to waft-through-the-office-like-a-floral-feast.

From this regard, I guess you could say I’m somewhat the antithesis of a 'perfume poster girl', with not one - but many, many atomisers to my aromatic arsenal.

I have always wondered about the normalcy of this habit, especially given how deeply ingrained the 'signature scent' idea is within the female beauty tapestry.

It turns out, however, there might well be a science behind my fragrance fickleness, and an explanation as to why those fail-safe florals seem to hit different in spring than they do, say, on a snowy day...for example.

Apparently, this phenomenon has to do with warmer days causing the perfume molecules to heat up and evaporate more quickly, thereby intensifying those top and heart notes!

Armed with this new-found justification for a perfume personality that changes like the weather, I’m unapologetically showcasing the 'power pair' that are propelling me into spring with the ultimate floral fruit / vanilla-praline coin-toss.

Eden Fragrances are purveyors of vegan, cruelty-free fragrances, all of which are paraben free, phthalate  free and refillable, making them kinder to skin, and the environment.

In this age of where an olfactory ‘ohhh’ moment is only part of the perfume-purchase puzzle, I for one can see the persuasion in bypassing the chemical cost of a pulse point 'pepper-upper' - something that so much of readiness (physical and emotional) depends upon.

For this reason, I'm now newly (and supremely) confident that my passion for perfume a'plenty - and for shunning the signature-scent-sporting stereotype - might have just as much basis in good it does in good scents!

Sponsored by Eden Perfumes

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