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Simply having…a wonderful TWIXMAS time!!

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

We’re currently in the midst of that wonderful ‘limbo’ period between Christmas and New Year, where festive vibes and health drives collide...often with some fairly contradictory lifestyle results!

On the one hand, it’s nice to jump on the post-Christmas excuse for a bit of ‘clean living’, but on the other hand...Prosecco!!

This unique opportunity to mix the business of wellness, with the pleasures of life, is a welcome nod to the virtues of that often elusive ‘happy medium!’ that exists somewhere between ‘detox’…and ‘all the chocs!’

Currently, this looks a lot like Veg in the Hole…with a glass of @lagioiosa_uk vegan Prosecco on the side, of course!

Veg in the hole, essentially, is what happens when a comfort food classic gets a meat-free make-over! Hearty, wholesome, and with all the roast-dinner feels… minus the fuss!

Head over to our stories later today for the how-to!

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