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SLOW LIVING: ‘Slowing down is no longer the antithesis of being productive’

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

This last year has furnished us with many a new skillset. Not least of these pandemic-learned the art of SLOWING DOWN! 


This new style of ‘slow living’ has all but eclipsed the impatience and 'life speed' we might have once prided ourselves on. 

Now, if there’s a more leisurely way of doing something... we’re on it!

If there’s a different way of making the same thing more creatively challenging... bring it on!

With this shift, there's a new-found kudos in many of the things we once earned accolade for NOT having time for. From leisurely breakfasts, to creativity. Nature walks, to home baking.

Slowing down is no longer the antithesis of being productive, in this lockdown landscape that shuns so much of the busyness that once defined and consumed our days!

It’s a shift that we couldn't have ever seen coming, but ultimately, it’s one which we might come to recognise as a lesson in how slow and steady really does (eventually) win the race!

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