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SMASHED POTATOES (but not as you know them!)

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

There’s just something about Salt and vinegar, and it’s mouth-watering, cheek-sucking flavour profile, that just seems to hit the spot. Every. Single. Time

Couple this winning formula, with the made-for-Tiktok potato trend that’s taking social media by storm, and what you’ve got is some SMASHING seasonal spuds…no pun intended!!

Made with Sarsons iconic malt vinegar, these next-level new potatoes are a dipper’s delight, combining the perfect crispy crunch, juxtaposed with all the fluffiness that a stand-out spud recipe demands.

Sarson’s Malt Vinegar has been brewed and matured in vats, using a traditional process, and is arguably THE hero ingredient behind this latest ode to winter comfort food... when the currency of carbs is king!

Yes, they might just be potatoes, but trust me, these ones are well worth their salt (and Sarsons)

Click here for the recipe.

Sponsored by Sarsons

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