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SNACK HACKS: 'The line between ‘little and often’ and habitual grazing is a thin one'

It’s both a blessing and a curse, that our new home-based lives lend us the freedom to satisfy our every nutritional whim, from chain-drinking tea, to helping ourselves to ‘just-one-more’ snack whenever the mid-afternoon munchies demand.

This ‘ad hoc’ approach to eating has the advantage of preventing the long gaps between meals that the fast pace of office life was once notorious for, and to which many of its associated ailments were owed.

On the flip side, though, the line between the positive ‘little and often’ approach to eating, and habitual grazing, is a thin one.

What to snack on to ensure the best provision of energy and nutrients when home-working, is a question that most of us probably know the answer to, but which the monotony of 'wfh life' can often make hard to put into practice.

Here to help put the principles of balanced snacking (*back*) into practice, are Claire’s Amazeballs – home of healthy, handmade protein balls which are transforming both the way we snack...AND work.

Rich in nuts, seeds, dates and whole food ingredients, Claire’s Amazeballs provide a slow-release of energy to help keep hunger at bay for longer, coupled with a boost of essentials fats and protein essential for all-round health and wellbeing.

Boxes of these super tasty, healthy Amazeballs are available to order at, as well as being in stock at Coopers Trading Company, Four State, Strawberry Grove and Inspire Hot Yoga in Maidenhead, Henley and Marlow.

With today being National Nut Day, it's as fitting time as any to switch up the elevenses standard with the help of these deliciously moorish morsels, each one packed with varying amounts of cashew, brazil and hazelnut ingredients, to help keep your energy - and eating habits - on the ball this autumn!

Sponsored by Claires Amazeballs

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