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SNOW HOPE: Today’s snow day is the light relief we’ve all been waiting for!

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Lockdown might have taken away the anticipation and excitement of many things, but not even the tightest restrictions could detract from the joy of today’s white out.

That shared, undefinable mood that a ‘snow day’ creates, is the light relief we’ve all been waiting for, and the cinematic backdrop needed to switch up the otherwise stagnant lockdown landscape.

With snow days notoriously one of the rare occasions when the pressure to be productive is off, this latest weather front provided an especially welcome respite, in these times of obligated busyness.

It was the excuse we needed to pause, play and a way that only comes about but once a year (if we’re lucky!)

Of course, the magic is always short lived, but as we relish in that cosy’s fingers crossed the good vibes only snowball from here!

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