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SO LONG JANUARY...It’s been a pleasure!

Well, maybe not entirely, but really, truthfully…what’s to be expected from the month of the year that brings us Blue Monday, Quitters Day and 'detoxing'!?

Lucky for us, a new month is imminent, and with it comes a promise that the winds of ‘new year, new me’ will no longer be whistling over our already over-burdened shoulders!

Granted, the odd Arctic blast will probably still have a go, given half the chance, but these inevitable winter woes somehow seem immeasurably easier, with spring now on the horizon!

Armed with this promise of warmer, brighter days, and our February-given freedom to shun the pull-your-socks-up pressure of ‘New Year’, we’re poised - FINALLY - to take on what’s left of Winter, with considerably less foot-dragging than has defined 2022 so far.

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