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‘So that problem? It seems to have resolved itself!’

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Well, perhaps not entirely…

But it’s certainly taken the edge of it.

In all seriousness, today’s occasion of National Chocolate Day, has created an excuse (if every we needed one) to leverage one of life’s many micro-joys…for no other reason than creating a moment of mood-lifting mindfulness, in an otherwise run-of-the-mill Thursday.

When it comes to Chocolate, everyone’s taste is as unique as they are. I’m not just talking about the type (dark, white, milk) but also the spoon-and-jar shaped quirks…that make ‘the odd treat’ as true to its name, as it is to our needs.

In honour of this each-to-their-own angle on Chocolate Day, I’ve teamed up with Two Nods, whose chocolate hazelnut nut butter is arguably as good from the jar… as it is on toast.

Packed with protein, good fats and B Vitamins, Two Nods is committed to using simple ingredients, from the best possible sources, with no additives or extenders... and all packed into recyclable jars!

Probably an empty jar, if I’m honest, but also the realisation that chocolate is no more ‘square’ as standard, than the nature-loving book-worms are, who choose to enjoy it on the regular!

Sponsored by Two Nods

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