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STAYING (IN) POWER: Forget ‘go big or go home’. Now we can go all out, without actually going out!

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Back in the days when ‘go big or go home’ wasn’t just hypothetical... ‘going home’ was the epitome of uncool.

At best, it was socially and professionally frowned upon. At worst... it was a travesty of life-wasting proportions.

In today’s post ‘stay home’ era, however, the tables have turned on this old adage.

‘Going home’ is no longer a cop out, nor the antithesis of ‘seizing the day.’

Home is where it’s at!

Calling time on work, working out, even socialising, to retreat to the comfort of slippers, sweats and sweet tea, is not just a recognised (and respected) nod to self care. It’s a way of honouring the quiet potential for joy, happiness and success that exists below the radar of long days and late nights.

For the self-confessed home-bods, the shift cuts some much needed leverage to go all out...without actually going out!

Big jumpers. Loud leggings. Max comfort!

Yes by 2021 standards, ‘going big’ looks a lot less like burning the candles at both ends, and more like burning the candle alongside a hot bath and a good book! #nocomplaints


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