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STEPPING OUT: ‘The simple act of slipping on some heels can be transformational’

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Chances are, most of us have a collection of high heels that has scarcely seen the light of day this summer!

It’s a sorry state of affairs, for the slinky sling backs gathering dust at the back of the shoe cupboard, but as the ‘quarantire’ wardrobe of flats and slacks shows signs of having had its day, a comeback might just be on the cards.

Whether prompted by a return to the office, or a tiptoe back into socialising, the fact that the old comfys increasingly aren't cutting it, means a bit of leg work is in order to revisit the art of dressing up.

The simple act of slipping on some heels can be transformational, for our confidence in particular, and championing the sun’s-our-pins-out cause are Bee Clean Soaps, home to UK made feel-good cosmetics, including their popular peppermint shaving soap.

Scented with a refreshing blend of essential oil, this Peppermint shaving soap can help to invigorate the mind and nourish your skin, thanks to the combination of Yorkshire honey, British borage oil and British sheep milk.

Made with only natural high quality ingredients and plastic free packaging, this soap is not only amazing for your skin, but also for the environment.

Often, it’s the little things, that can most make us feel like ourselves again, with smooth legs and high heels arguably up there with the best of them. So, however superficial the idea of ‘heels for health’ may be, there’s no disputing that this might just be a small (but important) step in the right direction.

Sponsored by Bee Clean Soaps

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