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Sticks and stones, may MAKE your bones!

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Playground philosophy may teach us otherwise, but in the interests of flipping the perhaps somewhat out-dated script, we’re proposing this…

That all those everyday sticks and stones that inevitably get lobbed our way, aren’t nearly as destructive as we fear.

In fact, we’d also be inclined to say that names… they do hurt, but that’s a topic for another article.

To understand the point we’re getting at, and we do have one, it helps to look at the counterintuitive nature of the path of least resistance.

Yes, it’s easy and straightforward, but what savings we make in energy, stress and potential slip-ups, can often be far outweighed by what we might lose in sheer character-building life-experience.

Granted, deliberately putting ourselves in the firing line for rejection, failure and other such ‘stones’ is far from comfortable, but it may also be the very thing to help us make our mettle.

Leaning into this real-life game of whac-a-mole might not seem especially tempting, but the incentive that we might one day look back - a bona fide stone-slayer - and see something positive in the sheer mess of it all, is reason enough to say…bring it on!

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