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‘Storytelling and sleep are inextricably linked’

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Pre-sleep routines are a much talked-about topic in the health sphere, with adult bedtime stories recently piquing our interest more than we ever thought they would, in the post-tucking-in age of thirty-somethingdom!

Yes, the Wind in the Willows might be consigned to box-in-the-loft history, but the good old-fashioned bedtime story is once again filtering into the mainstream, and garnering a reputation as a potential solution to our modern-day sleep woes.

The reasons as to why and how regressing to the fairytale days are paying dividends in zzzz’s, are many and complex.

For many of us, this sacred storytelling habit and sleep are inextricably linked. The stories our parents might have told, transport us back to a simpler life, but that’s not the only winning ingredient in the bedtime story’s secret sauce!

The simplicity and picture-heavy nature of these childhood stories, also makes them a bridge towards the kind of creative dreaming that, ironically, we often only dream of.

As for where to start, on this palpable rebellion against our advancing years…well, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis is maybe a good place to start. This story tops the list of what grown-ups would most like to re-read, according to research by @simbasleep, carried out by One Poll.

So far as trends go, this one might well be met with some hesitancy. After all, the world of handsome princes is far removed from the empowered female territory of today!

That said, there’s nothing quite like a hard-back trip down memory lane, nor the blatant rejection of adulting, for putting a happy ending…on a stressful day!


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