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Stuck in a wfh lunch rut? This could be the food inspo you’ve been waiting for

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Lunch times have become much of a muchness recently, with the monotony of the wfh sandwich starting to wear a tad thin, to say the least.

It raises the question, as to how best to escape the cheese and pickle rut, whilst keeping meal prep to a realistic minimum - such are the time limitations of this often busy time of day.

Suffice to say, the fish finger sandwich could be the switch-up we’ve been waiting for, to help transform lacklustre lunch times... into the most hotly anticipated meal of the day!

For best results, team your best quality fish fingers with some Gradz Yeast Free White Sourdough Bread or Gradz Chia Seed Bread and tartare sauce! Gradz’ unique, hand-crafted loaves are fermented to produce a deliciously light, airy bread with just enough bite to help bring a brand new dimension to what is undeniably an old favourite.

As we navigate the challenges of this most recent lockdown, when the comfort element of our food is *almost* as important as its nutritional value, this idea is one that's certainly worth its salt... just maybe not everyday!

Sponsored by Gradz #ad

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