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Sunglasses - why you should never leave house without them!

Updated: Jul 2

Before my most recent trip to Portugal, a skincare consultant advised me that sunglasses are up there with the SPF on the list of things-never-to-step-outside-without on holiday!

Her persuasion might well have been rooted in skincare (appropriate shades are the ONLY way to protect the eye area from harmful rays) but I’ve learned enough over the years, to know that there’s no greater incentive to sporting a pair of sunnies, than protecting the health of the eye.

Nowadays, I find myself taking this advice to the extreme, and I always have a back-up pair of shades to hand, for all those left-my-shades-at-the-pool-bar moments!

In terms of protection, these BioSunnies Tropical sustainable sunglasses are unrivalled, with UV400 polarised lenses. They are also made from wheat straw, a bi-product of wheat farming, and are biodegradable over time, making them a sustainable alternative to traditional shades.

An added bonus, these light-weight sunnies are only 20 grams, but still remain tough ensure to endure the demands of travel.

It’s just as well, really, as my poolside lifestyle does tend to revolve on a rather heavy-handed carousel of pool-lounger-bar… repeat!

One thing I have noticed, besides the durability aspect, is that these shades have helped no end to keep the dry eyes of contact-lens wearing at bay.

As for the mechanism for this irritation-abetting effect, I wouldn’t like to hasten a guess (although protecting the tear film from the evaporating effects of harsh sunlight…seems to make sense.)

What’s probably more important, from this regard (and far less speculative) is how reading by the pool has been freed from the need for eye drop application.

Trust me, for someone who likes nothing more than to get lost in the depths of a mushy beach-read - this is a definite holiday ‘win.’

Granted, this evidence is purely anecdotal, but even so, it affirms my long-held belief that there’s more value in a great pair of shades, than meets the eye!

Sponsored by Eco Beach

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