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SWEARING IS CARING: ‘In moderation, swearing can have some significant mind-body benefits’

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

If ever there was an advantage to home-working (ie. the absence of co-workers in your workspace), it’s the freedom to curse to your heart’s content, and be just that little bit, well....SWEARY!!

It’s a prerogative that is nothing short of LIBERATING, when used within reason, of course!


Anyone who’s partial to throwing around the occasional expletive, will probably relate to just how much better they feel after unleashing some choice profanities.

When done in the right way, swearing can actually have some significant mind-body benefits, helping to boost endorphins, and giving us a greater sense of power and control over a bad or negative situation.

It can, to a certain extent, also improve resilience, by triggering two separate physiological responses that make us more tolerant of pain. This was proved by Richard Stephens of Keele University, who found that people who swear are able to hold their hands in ice water for twice as long as people permitted only to use neutral words during the same experience.

At this time, when we need all the coping mechanisms and outlets we can get, for the stresses and irritants of our new home-based lives… resorting to a few choice f-bombs might not be such a bad shout!

One word of warning though… don’t go overboard. Apparently, chain-swearing means we get desensitized to the calming effects of cursing. Equally, the advantages don’t necessarily apply when coupled with anger, or any other extreme negative emotion.

Sporadic, selective swearing, however....wholly acceptable!

As a way of coping with everything from computer glitches, to irriating coworkers, to Zoom fatigue and dodgy WIFI, cursing is both a free AND easily accessible antitode to working life as we know it!

With today being Digital Workplace Day, it’s a fitting time, especially, to do what it takes to make the best of what, let’s face it, might well be the ‘future’ of office culture.

If this means swapping pinstripes for pants, and prim for profanity, well... f*u* it!! That’s what we shall do!

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