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‘The ability to operate in chaos is one of the most underrated life skills’

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

I’ve heard it said that the ability to operate in chaos is one of the most underrated life skills, and I have to say… I couldn’t agree more!

Over the years, hindsight has made me acutely aware, of just how ill equipped I was in my twenties, to deal with the interruptions, demands, complications and unpredictabilities that are part and parcel of real life.

When plunged into the chaos pool that is parenthood mixed with self-employment, however, everything began to change…

Little-by-little…overload became the default, and a modus operandi which was once so inextricably linked to silence, solitude, structure and sleep…was recalibrated accordingly.

The result? The evolution of a less precious, more productive, less irritable and more malleable incarnation of my former stick-in-the-mud self.

The chaos now…it doesn’t cut anywhere near as deep, and the greatest irony of all?

It’s only now when all the plates spinning, all the systems are go, and I can scarcely hear myself think…that creativity finds its greatest momentum!

The only down side, of course, is that in the midst of such madness, nothing is done perfectly… EVER, and that includes this post.

‘That’ll do’ is a cardinal rule of chaos-survival, but if there is ever any compensation to be had for this fly-by-the-seat- of-your-pants existence, it’s this…

What the juggle-struggle causes in skimped self-care, wrinkles and neglected pedicures, it rewards with a lack of time to worry about such trivialities as a blog post that maybe could have been better, but wasn’t because the school run beckoned!

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