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The calm after the storm!

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

After all the commotion that Eunice wreaked on Friday, today’s default to British Weather standard came as something of a light relief!

It’s not often the weather throws such routine-ravaging curveballs, but when it does (such was the case yesterday) it’s a reminder of just how little Mother Nature cares about our ‘important plans’.

Inevitably, there was an all-too-familiar sinking feeling akin fo March 2020, when that ‘essential travel only’ card was dealt. Countering this understandable discomfort of being told to stay at home, however, there was - this time - a palpable eagerness to lean into mandated hibernation!

Those straight-out-of-the-movies, Wizard of Oz-esque scenes of wheelie bins and trampolines heading skyward, had a lot to do with this, of course, and explain why battening down the hatches felt more than a little satisfying… this time!

With normality now restored, it’s safe to say that Eunice has been a poignant reminder - if ever we could forget - that there’s no place like home.

By the same token, however, it’s also affirmed what previous spells indoors have taught us. That is, that there is also no place like the office. School. The gym. The shops…and everywhere else that, ironically, makes ‘home’ feel like such.

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