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The idea of dressing up for any and all occasions is not just conceivable... but exciting!

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

There’s been some hinting just recently, that the dressing down trend of late - the same one which has all but defined fashion for the last year - might be about to go ‘off trend!’

Just like that, baggy shirts are out, and smart (ish) clothes are in, as we all grapple with the challenge of trying to reclaim some semblance of identity and confidence.

Granted, the loungewear trend started out as a luxury, but with the elastic waists and no-bra-days having paradoxically shoehorned us into a new form of discomfort ... it’s no wonder the predictions of a ‘roaring 20s’ repeat have been so well received.

This idea of dressing up for any and all occasions (popping out for milk included!) is not just entirely conceivable... but also somewhat exciting in the current glam-starved climes!

Back-stepping into our pre-lockdown wardrobes, we unleash a world of opportunity for reuniting with our old selves, and maybe even our new selves!

With more emphasis on the ritual and the details than ever before (jewellery, make up, perfume...) this process is helping cultivate that mindset of readiness, that’s been so widely absent in lockdown life.

Experts would call it ‘enclothed cognition’ (the psychology of clothes), but we’d liken it to a pursuit of comfort... with ironically not an elastic waist in sight!

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