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‘The importance of a swim-up pirate ship, can’t be downplayed!’

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

As anyone holidaying with children will know, choosing the ideal hotel doesn’t necessarily just come down to the perfect pool-to-playground ratio… although don’t get me wrong, the importance of a swim-up pirate ship, can’t be downplayed!

Close proximity to the beach.

Short distance from the airport.

Extended living space.

These are just some of the deal-makers, that only past experience of anything less (*coughs* a two hour transfer with a toddler) can ever truly teach the value of.

The fundamentals of geography and giant sofa beds aside, what makes the ‘perfect’ holiday with children, is the seamless coexistence of children’s entertainment…and grown up luxury.

It’s a best-of-both world scenario, that the Zafiro Palace Palmanova manages to bring effortlessly to reality.

For the children, there are specially designed mini club activities, including face painting, the ‘pirate disco’ and the deceptively difficult yet endlessly amusing ‘walking on water challenge.’ (More of this on Instagram stories.) This is of course not forgetting….the bubble pool (AKA, THE place to be if you’re 6.)

All the while, a haven of calm prevails in the aduly only area (more on this to follow) and grown up activities such as Sangria making are held regularly.

To this end, the Zafiro Palace Palmanova manages to afford adults equal opportunity for participating in peace, relaxation and pool games in equal measure.

It’s the sum of these polar yet equally important attentions to detail, that makes a Zafiro holiday as much a four year old’s dream… as it is a 39 year old, mum-of-two’s salvation!

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