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The Joy of….Playing Tourist!

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

The opportunity to ‘Play Tourist’ is something that many assume only comes from being outside the realms of ‘home.’

For this reason, even the sightseers delight that is London, can easily get overlooked in the day-tripping ambitions of those living within its ‘complacency catchment.’

The reality, however, is that even a home town or city can feel exciting and anew, if only we could stop thinking like we’ve seen it all before, and start SEEING like we haven’t.

Shelving the familiarly card, which is often misjudged anyway, opens up a world of fun, learning and character-enrichment, and can even help us ‘switch modes’ into more patient, interested, curious and inquisitive beings.

‘Tourist mode’, for want of a better name, can make us suddenly impervious to the frustrations of traffic, queues and crowds that would otherwise grate if we were in ‘work mode,’ for example.

It‘s also just as likely to have you drinking bubble tea, and contemplating the complexities of prehistoric fossils, before you can say ‘Paddington Station please!’

This is what it looks like to be a tourist in your local City, and let me tell you this…

If for no other reason than to itch the wanderlust scratch that this year’s Great Travel Revival has created, and for a chance to finally MARVEL at something that isn’t foregrounded in blue light…it’s vastly underrated.

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