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The plus side of ‘winter’ in May? RED WINE

And not just any red wine...

Red, Red Wine!🍷

This limited edition cuvée was created by none other than the founding members of Britain‘s biggest reggae band, @ub40, together with a private Bordeaux Chateau!

At this time when we’re beginning to re-navigate Sunday Roast territory, the background to this bottle means it is as much a welcome talking point, as it is a tasty tipple to offer your guests! ( there’re a word we’ve not used in a while!!!)

Enjoyed moderately and mindfully, red wine boasts a warming quality that’s particularly satisfying on a chilly winter’s (sorry Spring) night. This is an effect that owes as much to the psychological power of association (roaring fires and chunky blankets), as it does the biochemical influence of red wine’s natural tannins and histamines.

With some classic reggae connotations thrown in for good measure...we think this red’s certainly worth the song and dance, and not least because... WAIT FOR IT....

It’s also organic... AND vegan!!

Happy Sunday!! 🍷

⚠️ Contains alcohol. Always drink responsibly.

@eminent_life #gifted

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