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The Power of… ‘Stuff!’

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

‘Stuff’….it might well have connotations of irrelevance, and be widely tarred with the materialism brush, but not all ‘stuff’ is superficial.

Some stuff, for example, can anchor you to a distant time or place, and the infinite feel-good potential of nostalgia.

In doing so, even the most inane of objects (costume jewellery included) can succeed in feeding your ‘happy’, and in ways that #experiencesnotthings culture might suggest are beyond their remit!

Case in point…these vintage Kylie and Jason earrings (circa 1990) that are currently riding on ‘all the feels’ of THAT long-awaited Neighbours’ reunion!

Of all the in-your-face retorts a ‘Keeper of Lots of Things’ could possibly wish for, few pack quite the same ‘touché’ punch, as an 80s pair of earrings enjoying their second chance in the style spotlight!

Aside from being a shining example of 90’s memorabilia, the Scott and Charlene’s of the Knickkack market are evidence - more importantly- that the line between hoarding and selective squirrelling of souvenirs… is a fine one.

Somewhere between where tat ends and treasure begins, ‘stuff’ finds significance, and it’s THIS loophole that we’re earmarking as an important self-care opportunity…’Especially for you!’

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