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‘There are potential confidence gains to be had from regularly evolving our make up style’

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Now, ‘make up hacks’ aren’t usually my bag, but when you discover a trick-of-the-trade that you wish you’d known sooner, there’s a definite duty to pass it on which I’ll admit, feels like as good an exception to the ‘health topics only’ rule, as any!

It was after stumbling across a reel by a well-know #mua (whose name now escapes me) that the ‘ah-ha!’ moment first occurred…

She was explaining how, after a ‘certain age’, using an eye shadow and a brush for ‘eyeliner’ is infinitely more likely to make your eyes ‘pop’ (and significantly less likely to add ten years) than heavy-lining those peepers with the same kohl-on-kohl enthusiasm that mid-twenties #glowups are made of.

In the bigger picture of makeup hacks, the kohl vs shadow debate is by no means a newbie, but for the many who HAVEN’T seen the sorcery of a ‘shadow line’….there’s a little ‘how-to’ / before and after in the pipeline. #watchthisspace

Now, I’m not saying that there are any particular health gains to implementing this ‘advice’, but owing to the potential confidence gains of regularly evolving our make up style, I’m now resigned to the fact that the trusty signature waterline might now, reluctantly… be one to draw a line under!!

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