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‘There’s a positive correlation between embracing Christmas early, and higher levels of happiness’

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

The question of just when, exactly, is an acceptable time to ‘step into Christmas’, is a subject of much debate.

For many, October seems as good a time as any, but for every one of us already indulging in a cheeky new bauble purchase, there are just as many up in arms about the premature festivities.

If you do so happen to be of the ‘bring it on’ school of thought, there are, in fact, some real health incentives to be had.

With a positive correlation, specifically, between embracing Christmas early, and higher levels of happiness, it might just be a case of who’s laughing now, for those with at least one Home Alone viewing already under the belt.

The reasons for this ‘happiness link’ are many and complex, but one of the main mechanisms - apparently - comes down to the comfort that the familiarity and nostalgia of Christmas helps cultivate.

Decorations, especially, are likened to a return ticket to the magical, carefree days of childhood, which in the context of today’s anxious times, needs little explanation.

For those who relish in embracing festive preparations months in advance, the anticipation itself is a powerful force for positivity, and at a time when we need all the glass-half-full vibes we can get!

Whatever side of the festive fence you’re on, this happiness link is certainly food for thought, and lends weight to the idea that to sum Christmas up in one month alone, would surely be self-care sacrilege!

By kickstarting the festivities in October, or November at the least, we can not only milk mince-pie season for all its worth, but also leverage what is possibly THE greatest excuse going, to lull ourselves into a false sense of tinsel-covered security, and shelve the real-world stresses - along with THAT Elf - until January!

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