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There’s no greater obstacle to reading ambition, than the absence of time!

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

If I had to hasten a guess, I’d say that 4 chapters in 5 months…is barely grounds for any #bookstagram applause?

That said, those 4 chapters are no small achievement, especially when considered against the backdrop of an 8 YEAR beach-read hiatus!

With no greater obstacle to reading ambition, than the absence of time, we should certainly afford those fair weather fiction fans like myself, as much right to drink from the book community cup…as those who can devour a Cecilia Ahearn before breakfast!

Yes, ploughing through the season’s #recommendedreads at a rate of knots is impressive, BUT… who’s to say that resting on our paperback laurels, isn’t a fitting testament to the quality over quantity adage that #bookoftheday and its spawn, might try to convince us against.

When the joy of losing yourself in the #currentlyreading ether is something that even novel-reading novices such as myself can relate to…who is the hashtag to impose a quota?

With this in mind, and with the excuse of Book Lovers Day up a sleeve, I’m assuming that a little reel of this half-finished copy of Everything is Beautiful (and the promise of a review on the horizon) might be all I need, perhaps, to blag a pass to today’s 33.5k strong Bookfluencers party…reading between the lines!?

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