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There’s no sugar coating this one!

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Quite understandably, this year’s pancake day (much like a lot of things) has been something of a non-event.

In fact, you could even be forgiven for having missed the ‘Shrove Tuesday’ memo altogether, as the majority of those currently preoccupied by the state of the world, probably did!

This year, with this in mind, we’re choosing not to jump on the usual ‘sweet or savoury’ debate, or champion any ‘best ever’ recipes, both of which have been understandably trivialised by more pressing matters.

Instead, we’re using today’s post as nod to the deeper message that comes with this one day in the foodie calendar, which mandates the simplicity (and sugar) that we have arguably never needed more!

With energy and morale currently eluding on an international scale, the permission that Shrove Tuesday provides to sideline ‘business as usual’ - the cooking, the meal plans, and the ‘square meal’ standards - is invaluable.

For this reason, jumping on the pancake-making bandwagon this year has much less to do with the #foodstagram, or mastering the perfect flip…..and everything to do with self-compassion.

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