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‘There’s something I’ve been sitting with…‘

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

‘There’s something I’ve been sitting with…

A passion project…if you will!

Just a small collection of poems,

Albeit a work-in-progress…still!

Perhaps I could get them published?

For it’s a lifelong ambition of mine,

To commit my poems to paper-back,

So they might stand the test of time.’

And there that conversation ended,

Never again to be resumed,

Until one day a file showed up,

Dad’s treasured book of poems… I presumed!

The poems are now mine for the keeping,

An as-yet-uncompleted ‘to do’,

For I’ve never known where to start…

In an assignment, that’s a legacy to you!

And then it just so happened,

To dawn one summer’s day,

That posterity bound to the bookshelf,

Might not be the only way!

From here began the process…

Of exploring a different brief,

A way of bringing a father’s prose to life,

Through the creative outlet…of a daughter’s grief.

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