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Throw all the mud…and see what sticks!

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Sometimes - but not always - it’s the best way!

Throw all the mud…and see what sticks!!

Wing the directions… and hope for the best!

Of course, there are more than a few ‘don’t try this at home’ caveats to consider before becoming a rule book rebel, BUT for the sake of this caption…let’s just entertain the idea that strategy’s loss, might be spontaneity’s gain!

In life’s low stake scenarios, where there’s nothing to lose, and everything go gain, to hold caution from the wind would be nothing if but a disservice to that often fortuitous ricochet of luck…and circumstance.

For this reason, today is about scrapping the map and putting all the eggs in instinct’s basket, just to see if this isn’t where growth, progress and all manner of other clichés isn’t at! (@thefruitfields Maize Maze mastery included.)

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